THE LOT Update #1 - Note from our Writer/Director

Russell and Baakir shoot an interview for THE LOT.

Russell and Baakir shoot an interview for THE LOT.

The New Orleans based film collective, LOCOFilm, is excited to announce our summer project for 2014, the narrative short film THE LOT.

Our name, LOCOfilm, reflects the power of a locomotive, and how once something powerful gets rolling it is very hard to stop. That’s how I envision the filmmaking process and it reflects how the last fourteen months have been for me as we have pushed forward on THE LOT.

THE LOT began as a conversation one block away from my home, over a cup of coffee and a sam'mich at the Blackstar cafe, in the Old Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans. The owner of the café, Baakir Tyehimba, began to tell me how seven years prior he briefly succeeded in turning the abandoned lot across the street into a park for kids but ultimately had to tear it down himself due to bureaucratic red tape.

His words resonated with me and I was inspired to write the first draft of THE LOT. A main theme is reaching out to help and dealing with the positive and negative ripple effects that are created. Also the idea that change begins within is a big part of our story. 

Our ultimate goal is to use the film to spread the message that an opportunity to help exists on every corner, on every street. We also plan to use the film to raise the funds through donations and corporate outreach to complete the story and finish the park.

Looking forward to the journey and sharing it with our wonderful cast, crew and team.

Russell Blanchard, Writer/Director