Meet our amazing cast, featuring experienced and first time actors!

Escalante Lundy (GRADY)

Born and raised in New Orleans, Escalante was introduced to theatre and film in 2005 while working for the California Department of Transportation in Sacramento. When an actor failed to show-up for a project, Lundy took the role, garnered success, and later decided to focus on acting as a career path. He continued into the performance industry through collaborations with Falkon Kwest Productions, and was involved in several stage productions in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. After hurricane Katrina, he came back home to help his family and decided to stay and give the local acting scene a try. In 2007 began studying at the Anthony Bean Community Theater and made his New Orleans stage acting debut as the "Papaya Man.” After several successful theater productions, the film world was next. He studied with renowned acting coaches Veleka Grey (Young and the Restless), Lance Nichols (Curious Case of Benjamin Button and HBO’s Series, Treme) and became a fixture at the acclaimed Jerry Katz Acting Joint (Ivana Chubback Technique). Over the past five years he has been involved in over 20 film/theatre projects. Most notably, HBO’s Treme, a national Pampers commercial with Drew Brees, the lead in the feature film The Sickle, and “Big Fred” the in Quentin Tarrentino’s Django Unchained. Escalante’s upcoming roles include “Hubbard” in Burn and a jazz musician in the remake of the classic Body Heat. He will also play “Lenny Lyle” in Mouthpiece, a biographical film documenting Atlanta’s seedy and dangerous prostitution underworld in the 1970’s. Escalante believes that acting touches the core of human emotional development, and continues his work to make it a full-time career. 


Justus Denair Breston (CHRISTIAN)

The son of Gisele Breston and Jackie Washington, Justus is a bright young man who knows his future is full of possibilities. He loves modeling and focuses on getting better at his craft while pursuing acting and modeling opportunities. He enjoys sports such as basketball, NASCAR, wrestling, and football. He played the safety position with the Broncos Jr. football league. He loves to read as well. His favorite books are the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series. No matter what challenges or obstacles Justus is faced with, he attacks it like a ninja turtle - "BOOYAKASHA!


Leroy Marshall (POPS)

LeRoy Marshall of Monroe, LA, is best known as LC Smoove, band leader, sax player, and lead singer. LeRoy has been performing as LC Smoove for 25 years at many functions throughout the United States and abroad in France, Canada, and Haiti. He has released 3 jazz CD’s titled Sunset After the Rain, Groove Me, and New Spices. Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, he currently lives in New Orleans and performs five nights a week with the house band at the club MyBar. LeRoy began his acting career doing extra work in an episode of HBO’s series Treme, and in the movie Broken City. These experiences left LeRoy yearning for more, so he decided to get more involved with film and began taking acting classes. Less than a year into his studies, LeRoy’s dedication landed him his first acting roll, at his first audition, as “Pops” in our short film The Lot.  Leroy wants to reach as many people as he can through his acting and music and hopefully motivate and inspire them to never give up on their dreams.


Navoj Decay (SONNY)

Hi, my name is Navoj Decay. I'm 13 years old. The Lot is my very first film and my family and I are very excited about it. I'm also a little nervous! In my spare time I like to text my friends and listen to music. I hope to be a music producer one day. I love being outdoors and I love swimming in the summer heat. I look forward to working with everyone on this film.

Blain 4.jpg

Blain Sanchez (THOMAS)

Blain began studying acting in late 2010 under the Ivana Chubbuck Technique, and quickly landed an agent who saw him perform at a showcase in New Orleans. From there he has booked many independent feature films and shorts, as well as national TV shows like ABC's Nashville, and A&E's Longmire. He just finished a great faith-based short film from the producer of God's Not Dead. He loves to work on projects with a positive and powerful message like The Lot.


Glen Hobgood (JOSH)

Glen was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in the small town of Sebree 145 miles to the west. Today Glen lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and is a working actor, hypnotist, stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. As an actor Glen has a feature role in the independent film Sand Castles (2014) filmed in Indiana. Currently being shown in numerous film festivals, Sand Castles has won numerous awards for its story, ensemble cast and directing. Glen has also appeared in locally shot Bayou Tales, The Campaign with Will Ferrell, and several commercials including a series of bank commercials with Eli Manning that will be released during the 2014 NFL season.